EDMD Solutions together with SIEMENS is providing first class support for your products. Support Services is an indispensable resource to ensure that our customers have access to the latest resources to keep them productive with SIEMENS products. A SIEMENS agreement provides immediate access to the latest software updates and new versions, comprehensive online resources, regular notification of technical updates for their products, and access to a global team of technical support engineers with extensive real-world design experience when needed.

Key Features and Benefits of a SIEMENS Support Agreement:

  • Software updates, including new version releases, Service Pack updates, defect fixes, and all associated documentation so customers have the latest features
  • Comprehensive online support resources available 24×7
    • SIEMENS Support, SIEMENS’s support website, offering 24×7 access to comprehensive support and system administration resources personalized to a customer’s products
    • SIEMENS Community, offering the opportunity to learn, share, and connect with other SIEMENS users
  • Technical support from highly experienced SIEMENS Support Engineers who can solve the most complex design and manufacturing challenges
  • CustomerInsight, a twice monthly newsletter, personalized to a customer’s products, provides the latest technical updates on Knowledge Base articles and product announcements so they have the latest information