DC Drop PE

HyperLynx® DC Drop PE was especially created for engineers who use non-Mentor Graphics PCB design tools and need a powerful tool to tackle voltage drop issues quickly and intuitively.

Power integrity is becoming a major challenge in electronic product design. Modern ICs, digital and analog alike, require multiple supply voltages to operate. Simultaneously, supply voltages are decreasing and current draw is increasing. Reduced operating margin means new designs are less tolerant of voltage losses in the power delivery network (PDN). Find out whether your

PDN is sufficient for proper operation with HyperLynx DC Drop PE.

HyperLynx DC Drop PE seamlessly supports Altium Designer, OrCAD, Allegro, and CADSTAR layout files. Hardware engineers, PCB designers, and signal integrity specialists alike use HyperLynx DC Drop PE to get simulation results within seconds, without weeks of software training. Catching PDN issues early in your product creation process helps you reduce prototype spins, get your products to market faster, and increase device reliability.

Technical Specification

  • Quickly analyzes voltage drop of power supply rails due to copper losses found in power plane shapes, power traces, and neckdowns in dense layouts
  • Interactive and batch-mode simulation capability
  • Allows easy exploration of different conductor materials and trace thicknesses
  • Identifies areas of excessive current density
  • Supports Altium Designer, OrCAD, Allegro, and CADSTAR