CAM350® is the most popular software used in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It prepares, checks, and optimizes PCB design files for manufacturing, helping to identify and prevent potential production errors ahead of time. It gives you the ability to effectively manage each operation while increasing productivity, reducing turn-around time, and ensuring top quality board output.

CAM350® is recommended for:

  • PCB manufacturers who need a tool to effectively check PCB designs, thus avoiding later manufacturing errors
  • For PCB developers who want to filter out potential errors in the planning phase to prevent extra costs and fit within very tight deadlines
  • For users of other software whose existing solution is not efficient enough and would like their products to reach the market in higher quality

CAM350® has a complete set of tools to model CAM data from PCB design tools and make it easier to turn engineering data into successful, physical PCBs. The visualization of 3D manufacturing data provides a virtual model of the PCB that can be used to predict how a designer’s manufacturing data will be integrated and constructed into a finished PCB. The use of 3D manufacturing data visualization provides a more robust environment for inspection of PCB manufacturing data. That way users can explore what the finished PCB will look like from any angle, including in between layers.

Complications during manufacturing of PCBs can cause production delays, increased time and labor expense, which result in decreased profitability. With CAM350® you can prevent these setbacks. 

If achieving new levels of speed, accuracy and excellence is your goal, CAM350® is your best option.



There is an option to “test drive” CAM350 for free. 

That way, you can experience the features and capabilities firsthand. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.