Power Tester 600A

MicReD Industrial Power Tester 600A supports automatic testing and diagnosis of possible failure causes of power components. Built for manufacturing as well as laboratory environments, it can power the modules through tens of thousands, potentially millions, of cycles while simultaneously providing real-time failure-in-progress diagnosis.

Technical Specification

  • Field-Tested Technology: Based on the T3Ster advanced thermal testing hardware solution used in industries worldwide for accurate thermal characterization.
  • Test a Wide Range of Power Electronics: Includes metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and power diodes.
  • Conduct Continuous Power Cycling until Failure: Save time by eliminating the need to remove components for lab testing, time consuming lab testing, then remounting them back onto the tester for more cycling.
  • User-Friendly Touch-Screen Interface: Can record a broad range of information during test, such as cur­rent, voltage, and die temperature sensing; and detailed structure function analysis is used to record changes in the package’s thermal structure.
  • Apply Different Powering Strategies during Operation: Constant power on/off time, constant case temperature swing, constant junction temperature rise, and constant applied power.
  • “Real-Time” Structure Function Diagnostics: Obtain results such as failure in progress, number of cycles, and failure cause quickly.
  • No Lab Post-Mortem or Destructive Failure Analysis: Eliminate the need for X-ray, ultrasonic, or visual and costly destructive failure analysis.
  • Easy to Operate: Can be used by both specialists and production personnel.
  • Concurrent Testing: Up to 16 samples connected in series at 48v (maximum 600 A).
  • Remote Monitoring during Operation: Follow testing progress on a tablet or computer with notification of when a part fails