Power Tester 1500A

MicReD Industrial Power Tester 1500A for power cycling and thermal testing simulates and measures lifetime performance and reliability in electronics components that are used in the automotive and transportation and power generation industries as well as in renewable energy applications such as wind turbines. The Power Tester 1500A now comes in two configurations – 3 and 12 channels for the measurement of up to 12 devices.

Technical Specification

  • Field tested technology: the Power Tester 1500A platform is based on the Mentor Graphics® T3Ster® advanced thermal testing hardware solution which is used in industries worldwide for accurate thermal characterization
  • Test a wide range of power electronics: the range includes metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and power diodes
  • Conduct continuous power cycling until failure: save time because the component doesn’t need to be removed, taken for lab testing then back to tester for more cycles
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface: the Power Tester can record a broad range of information during test, such as current, voltage and die temperature sensing; and detailed structure function analysis to record changes in the package’s thermal structure. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for package development and quality checking of components coming from vendors.
  • With the Power Tester 1500A/ 3 channels up to 3 samples can be concurrently tested (max. 500A each). With the Power Tester 1500A/12 channels up to 12 devices can be concurrently tested. And the top and bottom transistors in the half-bridge structures can be measured at the same time.
  • Flexible Measurement: The 12 channel configuration provides 12 independent floating gate driver sources, that can measure up to two full bridges.
  • Apply different powering strategies during operation – constant power on/off time, constant case temperature swing, constant junction temperature rise, and constant applied power can be applied during operation
  • “Real-time” structure function diagnostics – obtain results such as failure in progress, number of cycles, and failure cause quickly
  • Eliminate lab post-mortem or destructive failure analysis: with the help of the Power Tester 1500A eliminate the need for lab post-mortem such as x-ray, ultrasonic or visual and costly destructive failure analysis
  • Easy to operate – the Power Tester 1500A can be used by both specialists and production personnel
  • Enhanced safety features, over temperature, smoke, coolant leakage detection ensure safe operation of the system even if it is left standalone.
  • 12 Channel: 12 devices in parallel