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Develop the world’s most complex electronics systems in a multi-discipline enterprise environment and deliver competitive advantage to your organization and advanced products to the marketplace.

Xpedition Enterprise is a PCB design software that offers layout and schematic features. It also enables an integrated design process, connecting the IC, PCB, and fabrication stages. This ensures verification and coordination throughout the entire electronic systems design flow.
Xpedition’s integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution and its unique technologies can reduce design cycles by 50% or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.

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Why is Xpedition the best choice for electronic systems design?

Xpedition Multi-discipline systems engineering icon

Multi-discipline systems engineering

Xpedition provides integration, collaboration, and co-design capabilities across various systems such as IC packaging, multiboard, RF, harness, FPGA, and MCAD. This ensures a seamless and efficient design process, allowing users to work with flexibility and leverage intuitive technologies. By bridging the gaps between different design domains, Xpedition enhances collaboration and enables users to create complex designs more effectively.

Xpedition Concurrent design icon

Concurrent design

Enable efficient collaboration among multiple users and sites, utilizing flow-based concurrent engineering. This results in a remarkable reduction in design cycles and a notable improvement in product quality throughout the product development process.

Xpedition Process automation icon

Process automation

Xpedition provides PCB designers with a user-friendly interface and highly automated features, allowing them to utilize cutting-edge technologies and create the most complex designs.

Xpedition Design data integrity icon

Design data integrity

Xpedition engineering data management simplifies the creation and management of engineering component libraries and design data. It ensures the quality, integrity, and security of the data throughout the entire product development process.

Xpedition Design verification icon

Design verification

Xpedition utilizes verification during the design phase to create error-free products. It optimizes product performance and manufacturability, leading to improved quality and reduced design errors or rework.

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