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Second FER’s student’s generation successfully finished Mentor course

Second FER's student's generation successfully finished Mentor course


At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb) students have successfully mastered skill named “Design and simulation of electronic devices using Mentor Graphics software packages”. 7 students of the Master program of the Faculty in June got a special certificate of CADCAM Group, which is a confirmation that they have gained the basic knowledge of using Mentor Graphics program solutions.

Having the ability to learn this skill on Faculty of Electronics and Programming in Zagreb, is the result of long-lasting cooperation between CADCAM Group and the faculty. The main goal was to introduce designing electronic devices by using Mentor Graphics PADS Professional and HyperLynx program solutions to students.

During lessons and practical tasks, students were able to learn how to create wiring diagrams, make the library components, and design printed connection, analog simulations, signal integrity, voltage, stability and thermal simulations of electronic devices. This new theoretical and practical knowledge are opening lots of possibilities for students in their search for a future job.