EDMD Solutions

Questa Advanced Simulator

The comprehensive advanced verification platform capable of reducing the risk of validating complex FPGA and SoC designs.

Besides being industry leader in terms of performance and capacity, Questa offers fast turnaround time flows and effective library management, while maintaining high performance with unique capabilities for pre-optimization and reuse, resulting in significant regression throughput improvements of up to 3X when running large test suites.


High performance and capacity

Utilizing advanced algorithms, Questa Advanced Simulator significantly enhances the performance of SystemVerilog and mixed VHDL/SystemVerilog RTL simulations. It can boost simulation performance by up to 10 times, allowing for faster and more efficient verification processes.

High performance and multi-language engine

The Questa Advanced Simulator enables multi-core simulation by supporting all design languages and constructs. It intelligently partitions the design to run in parallel, either automatically or manually, while ensuring a single database for seamless debugging and comprehensive coverage analysis.

Testbench automation

The Questa Advanced Simulator offers industry-leading testbench automation solutions, allowing for the automatic generation of complex input-stimuli using SystemVerilog or SystemC Verification (SCV) library constructs. It combines these forms of stimulus generation with functional coverage to identify the functionality exercised by the automatically-generated stimuli.