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Simcenter Flotherm

Shorten development time and improve thermal management for reliability through fast and accurate CFD simulations from pre-CAD exploration to final verification.

Simcenter Flotherm is a leading electronic cooling simulation software that has been developed and refined for over 34 years based on user feedback. It is widely used for thermal analysis of electronics, including IC packages, PCBs, enclosures, and data centers.

Perform fast electronics cooling simulation in Simcenter Flotherm


Accelerate electronics thermal design workflow

Simcenter Flotherm is designed to seamlessly integrate with the electronics development workflow, providing thermal engineers with a powerful simulation tool for efficient thermal analysis. It facilitates timely and accurate results, enabling informed decision-making throughout the development process, from early-stage architecture to final thermal design verification. By using Simcenter Flotherm, engineers can significantly reduce development time and mitigate the risks of reliability issues and costly warranty expenses.

The software offers a range of capabilities to speed up the thermal analysis process. These include innovative SmartPart technology, comprehensive libraries, seamless handling of EDA and MCAD data, a robust solver technology, advanced compact thermal modeling techniques, automatic model calibration, and parametric analysis and optimization functionality.

Leverage accurate, fast thermal analysis

Simcenter Flotherm offers fast and accurate thermal analysis by leveraging its instantaneous and reliable cartesian gridding capability. It is capable of efficiently handling large and complex electronics models with thousands of components, materials, and power sources. The meshing and solver technology in Simcenter Flotherm is specifically designed to handle varying length scales, from sub-micron to meters, ensuring accurate simulations across different dimensions.

One key feature is the intelligent SmartPart-based gridding, which eliminates the need for re-gridding when objects’ locations or orientations are changed. This streamlines the simulation workflow and allows users to focus on analyzing results and exploring the design space more efficiently.

Reduce model creation time with intelligent SmartParts

Simcenter Flotherm provides a thermal engineering-oriented interface and intelligent modeling capabilities that enable users to efficiently create models for fast and accurate studies. The software offers libraries of electronics-specific components, such as heatsinks, fans, enclosures, and heat pipes, which can be easily incorporated into the models, reducing the time required for model creation.

Incorporate EDA and mechanical design data complexity during development

Simcenter Flotherm allows for the incorporation of complex EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and mechanical design data throughout the development process. CAD data can be imported and pre-processed, enabling seamless integration with the design workflow. The software supports the handling of EDA complexity by importing ECAD (Electronic Computer-Aided Design) data, including board routing and component layout information, from various EDA software file formats such as ODB++. The EDA Bridge feature facilitates efficient processing and offers options for selecting appropriate modeling fidelity levels, ensuring accurate representation of the design during thermal analysis.

Flotherm capabilities

Flotherm Transient thermal analysis

Transient thermal analysis

Simcenter Flotherm offers precise transient thermal analysis for electronics devices and products, capable of simulating events at sub-microsecond timescales. It enables the modeling of various transient behaviors, including time-dependent power dissipation in components and transient thermostatic control modeling where inputs vary based on monitored temperature. These capabilities support the modeling of power cycles in power electronics applications, transitions between power modes in consumer devices, fan control for cooling, and the evaluation of power derating and thermal mitigation strategies.

FlothermRobust meshing

Robust meshing

Simcenter Flotherm offers robust meshing capabilities for thermal design, providing instantaneous and reliable gridding that is user-friendly. The structured-Cartesian method is stable and efficient for meshing electronics, with localized grid controls for finer resolution in specific areas. The SmartPart-based grid generation automatically updates, eliminating the need for full re-gridding when geometry changes in terms of orientation or position during successive studies. This allows users to focus on thermal design without the hassle of extensive grid modifications.

Flotherm BCI-ROM technology

BCI-ROM technology

Simcenter Flotherm incorporates Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) technology, offering significant advantages in fast transient thermal analysis for electronics. This technology provides accuracy comparable to full 3D CFD simulations but solves at a much faster speed, up to 40,000+ times faster in demonstrated cases. BCI-ROMs are independent of boundary conditions, making them applicable in any thermal environment while maintaining accuracy. BCI-ROMs can be exported in several formats: as a matrix to be solved by tools such as Mathworks Matlab Simulink, in VHDL-AMS format for use in circuit simulation tools like Siemens EDA PartQuest and Xpedition AMS to support electrothermal analysis, or in FMU (functional mockup unit) format for use in system thermal modeling in 1D tools such as Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter Flomaster that support FMI capabilities.

Flotherm 30-day online virtual trial

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