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Simcenter Flomaster

Fast and accurate simulation of thermo-fluid systems; facilitating upfront engineering to reduce cost and lead times in product development and maintenance.

Siemens Flomaster is a powerful software tool for simulating thermo-fluid systems, widely used by companies in various industries. It offers fast and accurate simulations, facilitating cost and time savings in product development and maintenance. With a library of component models and reliable performance data, Flomaster allows fluid system design to start early, even before CAD data and component suppliers are finalized, ensuring flexibility throughout the design process.

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Reduce time-to-market with thermo-fluid system simulation

Simcenter Flomaster allows efficient sizing of gas, liquid, and two-phase systems and components for optimal performance. By utilizing a single virtual model, you can examine various dynamic events, including different operating conditions, failures, and emergency scenarios, ensuring utmost safety.

Design, commission and operate thermo-fluid piping systems

Simcenter Flomaster provides a complete set of simulation tools for the design, commissioning, and operation of thermo-fluid piping systems. It enables the reuse of the digital twin created during the engineering phase for virtual sensing and online monitoring, enhancing efficiency and ensuring safety. Simcenter Flomaster seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms such as PLM, CAD, simulation, and industrial IoT, enabling you to embrace digital transformation and drive innovation at a rapid pace.

Flomaster capabilities
Flomaster System integration

System integration

Simcenter Systems integrates various simulation tools from the early design phase to the operation phase of a system’s lifecycle. This integration helps address the challenge of digital continuity and enhances workflow efficiency and collaboration among different departments. Simcenter can connect with a product lifecycle management (PLM) system and geometrical data, allowing for co-simulations between 1D and 3D CAE tools, design space exploration, and model-based control development. Additionally, it supports interactions among different systems using the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI).

Thermo-fluid system simulation

Simcenter Systems can simulate the dynamic behavior of thermo-fluid systems of any size and complexity and analyze complex physical phenomena critical for safe and efficient operation. You can also reuse the digital twin system during the operation phase for real-time monitoring, resulting in maximum efficiency and safety. Simcenter Systems can be used to size and balance industrial gas systems, plant cooling systems, Rankine cycle systems for power generation, marine ballast systems, and large distribution systems and pipelines, all while reducing cost and accelerating time to market.

Early design of thermo-fluid systems

Simcenter Flomaster enables automatic import of geometrical data such as P&ID, CAD, or GIS to quickly build models, and the use of an accurate static solver to size and balance systems efficiently. The tool also provides advanced post-processing features to easily understand system behavior and identify issues for cost-effective changes.
Simcenter Flomaster utilizes best-in-class solvers and built-in correlations to ensure accurate simulation results. The tool’s library of components is based on Miller data, which is a collection of highly accurate measurements taken from industrial rigs and validated by multiple users over many years. With this library, users can confidently make early design and procurement decisions.

Flomaster Detailed design of thermo-fluid systems

Detailed design of thermo-fluid systems

Simcenter Flomaster ensures safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems in any scenario. Its reliable and rigorously tested transient solver allows for dynamic simulation of systems of any size and complexity. Users can re-use the same models for system and component sizing in both early and detailed design, ensuring model and data continuity throughout the engineering phase.
Flomaster can analyze system behavior in critical scenarios such as pump failure, emergency valve closure, and blowdown. It accounts for complex phenomena including pressure surge, cavitation, and full compressibility of gas. Additionally, it considers factors such as line packing and visco-elasticity of plastic pipes to provide accurate results.

Flomaster Advanced physics for thermo-fluid systems engineering

Advanced physics for thermo-fluid systems engineering

Simcenter Flomaster analyzes complex physical phenomena critical to the safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems. The tool accurately models non-linear behavior of non-Newtonian fluids and two-phase flows, as well as complex flow paths in rotating machines like gas turbines.
Simcenter Flomaster’s capabilities undergo rigorous testing against theoretical results and public literature to ensure accurate and consistent results. This gives users confidence to use the digital twin throughout the entire lifecycle of their thermo-fluid system to understand its behavior, optimize its performance, and ensure its safety.

Propulsion system simulation

Simcenter Flomaster has a multiphysics system simulation approach to address a variety of architectures and technologies. This includes powertrain electrification in the automotive industry, reusable launch systems in the space industry, and the use of alternative fuels like LNG for ships.
It provides modeling capabilities to support these technology implementations and allows for the design and assessment of the impact of propulsion systems on various metrics such as onboard power generation and vehicle pollutant emissions. Users can perform a complete analysis of cross-system influences in a single platform, providing a comprehensive view of system behavior.

Flomaster Maintenance, repair and operation of thermo-fluid systems

Maintenance, repair and operation of thermo-fluid systems

Simcenter Flomaster’s digital twin of thermo-fluid systems can be leveraged throughout the entire lifecycle to maximize return on investment. The model built in the engineering phase can be reused as an executable digital twin to support procurement, commissioning, and operations.
Additionally, Flomaster allows for cost-based design optimization to minimize both capital and operational expenditures, and supports procurement operations. The digital twin can also be connected to a virtual programmable logic controller to verify interactions in a safe virtual environment before the system is built.
Finally, by connecting the executable digital twin to real system sensors and controllers via industrial IoT, operators can maximize efficiency and safety of system operations by augmenting the information available to them.

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