EDMD Solutions


Our team can help you improve productivity, manage project complexity and mitigate risk.

Providing PCB design, component engineering, data management, high-speed design, model based engineering, and manufacturing consulting we can help you realize your cost, quality, and cycle time performance goals.

To accelerate time-to-productivity we ensure legacy data is successfully migrated to help preserve your investment in existing design data. Furthermore, it validates the environment and fine-tunes the process in preparation for production.

Pomažemo korisnicima da usvoje, implementiraju, prilagode i optimiziraju svoja softverska rješenja.

We are able to support your verification process whether it’s about implementing advanced verification flows, identifying ways to accelerate your test bench development process, or providing predictable schedules with an accurate measure of verification completeness at any point in time.

Methodology development, customization, configuration, and global program management to accelerate our customers is our expertise.


Zajedno s Mentor-om/SIEMENS-om, pružamo stručnu podršku za naše proizvode.

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