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One of the most popular software for PCB verification, optimization, and output generation. It comes with all the functionalities needed for efficient PCB fabrication.

As part of the integrated manufacturing data preparation solution from DownStream Technologies, it ensures comprehensive verification to prevent issues that may arise during PCB fabrication. By inspecting, preparing, and validating the PCB design before manufacturing, CAM350 increases efficiency, reduces the risk of design re-spins, and delivers successful electronic products faster and at a lower cost.

With its suite of tools, including 3D manufacturing data visualization, CAM350 streamlines the transition of engineering data into physical PCBs. The use of 3D allows users to explore the finished PCB's construction from different angles (including in between layers), providing a robust environment to examine manufacturing data and ensure a successful outcome.

Working with 3D in CAM350

CAM350 is created for:

PCB Designers and Electrical Engineers

  • Import CAD database or Gerber files
  • Verify that electrical characteristics match design intent
  • Check errors in translation, such as accidental inclusion of non-electrical items or problems with voltage separation
  • Graphically match original design files with Gerber files for accuracy, locate and identify disparities between design files and Gerber files
  • Design Rule Checks (DRC) to verify Gerber layers against design rules in your CAD system and fabricator’s capabilities
  • Design for Fabrication (DFF) tools to ensure the board matches manufacturing capabilities and identifies design flaws that may impact yields and product release timelines
  • DFF Analysis that:
    • pulls fabrication rules into the PCB design domain, presenting them in a way that’s easily understood by PCB designers
    • verifies the PCB database to identify issues that may arise during the fabrication process

CAM Engineers

  • Automates the preparation and optimization of design files for fabrication
  • Manages data input and preparation for each operation in the fabrication process
  • Safeguards against complications and decreases time and labor-intensive tasks
  • Accurately prepares, optimizes, and processes design data
  • Performs in-depth analysis to locate manufacturing violations
  • Creates optimized mill and drill files for efficient fabrication
  • Prepares test data and panelization strategies for streamlined tooling
  • Extracts essential data to drive test equipment and optimizes test machine performance
  • Identifies collisions, break-outs, and improbable conditions
  • Increases productivity, reduces turn-around time, and ensures high-quality board output
CAM350 free download

There is an option from DownStream: “FREE Product Evaluation” where you can test drive CAM350.

That way, you can experience the features and capabilities firsthand. If you have any questions or want to try CAM350, don’t hesitate to contact us.