IC Manufacturing

Solutions for the GDSII-to-Mask Flow

Mentor delivers solutions tailored to your key challenges in the GDSII-to-Mask flow including maintaining tight critical dimension (CD) control for high wafer yield and reducing time-to-mask, cost of operation, and the duration and cost of new technology development.

The Calibre computational lithography solution provides core innovations that ensure image fidelity across multiple process conditions, providing more robustness and reliability in the manufacturing process.

The Calibre Mask Process Correction solution applies Mentor’s model-based OPC technology with optimizations specifically developed for e-beam mask writers.

Mentor’s Mask Data Preparation (MDP) solution is fully compatible with the Calibre platform, enabling you to complete all resolution enhancement processing and mask data format conversion tasks in one mask fabrication batch run using a single control language.

IC Manufacturing Tool Suite

The Mentor tool suite provides seamless integration of the data manipulations required for resolution enhancement (RET), such as phase shift mask (PSM), scattering bars (SB) and optical proximity correction (OPC), as well as mask rule checking, mask writer process correction, and data format conversion, all in a single batch run. Our solution is built on a common hierarchical database and geometry processing engine, which provides functions like layer derivation, mirroring, scaling, rotation, planarization fill, and global and selective sizing. The flow concludes with output in the most important mask writer formats for advanced mask-making in the subwavelength era, such as MEBES and Variable-Shaped-Beam (VSB) formats, as well as GDSII.


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